Welcome to the automatically generated Wiki of Ars Nouveau!

This Wiki is automatically generated from the Patchouli Files in the Ars Nouveau Repository. Therefore, there's some things that just can't be displayed, like the GeckoLib-Rendered Spellbook, Blocks, Keybinds and other things. It can also be a bit janky, with missing names or unexpected errors.

If you encounter any issues, please reach out in the Ars Nouveau Discord found here or submit an issue here!

If you got taken to this page automatically when trying to open the Worn notebook in Minecraft version 1.20 and you don't want this to happen, add Patchouli to your modpack

You can now select which Addon Mods you want to include in the wiki! Currently available:

Not all Addons are available for the current version and addon documentation functionality is less tested than Ars Nouveau Wiki functionality. Use at your own risk.

Direct links to addon pages or refreshing addon pages is currently not supported, since the server doesn't know which addons to load.

Ars Nouveau Wiki