Drygmy Charm

Drygmys are often found following and tending to animals around it. They can be found anywhere, though somewhat rarely. Drygmys can be given a home in the world, and will produce items from nearby monsters and animals as if they were slain, without harming them. A wild drygmy may be befriended by throwing a Wilden Horn near it! You may dye a Drygmy Cyan, Orange, or Brown.

Enchanting Apparatus Recipe

Pedestal Items:
Any fish
picture of the ingredient minecraft:wheat Wheat
picture of the ingredient minecraft:apple Apple
picture of the ingredient minecraft:carrot Carrot
picture of the ingredient minecraft:wheat_seeds Wheat Seeds
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:source_gem Source Gem
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:source_gem Source Gem
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:source_gem Source Gem
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:drygmy_shard Drygmy Token
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:drygmy_charm Drygmy Charm


To summon a Drygmy, use a Drymy Charm on a block of Mossy Cobblestone. After a short time, the cobblestone will transform into a Drygmy Henge and summon your Drgymy! To summon additional drygmys, use more charms on the henge. Casting dispel or killing the Drygmy will return your charm.


A Drygmy considers its home to be 10 blocks in every direction from its home. The drygmy will use this area to produce items from any entities nearby. Your drgymy's efficiency is dependent on its happiness. This may be increased for each entity nearby, with a bonus for each unique type in its home. Nearby Containment Jars will also count as an entity.


Each Drygmy working around a henge contributes progress. Once maximum progress has been reached, the henge will generate items and experience gems and deposit them into adjacent chests. Each time this occurs, the henge will require Source to recharge. The number of drops and experience gems is equal to the Drygmy happiness and experience value of the entities. To get started, place a chest and jar of Source next to the Henge.

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