Performing Rituals

Performing a ritual requires a Ritual Brazier, and a tablet. Once you have obtained a tablet and brazier, place your brazier in the world and use a tablet on it. The brazier will ignite, and is awaiting activation. In this state, you may throw in any additional items as a way to augment the ritual. If you wish to augment a ritual, simply toss the item on top of the brazier.

To activate your ritual, interact with the brazier with an empty hand. Once activated, your ritual can no longer be augmented and has been consumed permanently. If a ritual requires source to operate, the brazier will pull from source jars within 6 blocks. Information related to rituals and their requirements can be found in their respective entries.

Shapeless Recipe

Blazing Archwood Log
picture of the ingredient minecraft:clock Clock
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:ritual_sunrise Sunrise

Reminder: This is just the default recipe, modpacks can and will adjust recipes.

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