Runic Chalk

Runic chalk can be used to place permanent Runes on the ground that will cast spells on entities that walk over them. To give a rune a spell, inscribe spell parchment using the scribes table. Once the rune has cast the spell, it will become uncharged. An uncharged rune will charge itself from nearby source jars. Using Runic Chalk on a temporary rune will convert it to a permanent one.

Shapeless Recipe

picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:manipulation_essence Manipulation Essence
picture of the ingredient minecraft:bone_meal Bone Meal
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:magebloom_fiber Magebloom Fiber
picture of the ingredient ars_nouveau:runic_chalk Runic Chalk

Reminder: This is just the default recipe, modpacks can and will adjust recipes.

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